January's Full Moon

This month’s full micro Moon is called 'Wolf Moon' or Manidoo-giizis

The Old Farmers' Almanac describes a micro moon:

'It simply means that the full Moon is at its farthest point from Earth (not the nearest point). In astronomical terms, we call this “apogee.”'

Specifically, January’s Micro full Moon is about 252,600 miles from Earth. January's full micro Wolf Moon reaches its peak on Jan 6th 2023!

January was associated with wolves howling outside of villages and being more active in winter, according to the Almanac. The Sioux tribe’s name for January’s full moon means “wolves run together,” according to a guide compiled at Western Washington University.

Wintry-sounding names for January’s full moon vary across Native American tribes. The Cheyenne call it the moon of the strong cold, while the Kalapuya know it as atalka, which means “stay inside.” The Haida tribe in Alaska calls it the bear hunting moon, and the Passamaquoddy tribe of the Northeast US knows it as the whirling wind moon.

According to NASA, Europeans called this the Moon after Yule, a 3-day winter solstice festival in pre-Christian Europe. Another English name for this Moon is the Old Moon.

In Ojibwemowin Western dialect it is called: gichi-manidoo-giizis or great spirits moon. And in the Eastern dialect it is called: Manidoo-giizis or Spirit Moon.

January’s full moon will light up the sky on Friday, and will be visible all around the world. It will reach peak illumination around 6:08 p.m.

The Moon will appear full for about 3 days around this time, from Thursday evening through Sunday morning.  Buena suerte catching a glimpse!

Here are my top essential oil recommendations to help keep you warm during the Manidoo-giizis: 

• Cinnamon Leaf*
• Peppermint*
• Vetiver
• Frankincense
• Cajeput
• Canadian Balsam Fir
• Black Pepper*
• Ginger*

Always consult a reputable reference guide before using any essential oil, but especially these *warming oils as some have contra-indications and special safety information.  

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