How to Use Our Jewelry

Please note that each piece of jewelry is sent out with instructions. As you choose your piece, we thought it important to review how the different styles of diffuser jewelry work.

Lava stone jewelry

    How do these work?

Lava stones have ‘pores’ which will ‘hold’ your blend for approximately one day. With some of our blends, Joy for example, you may find that the aroma will evaporate away rather quickly.

The solution to this is to add an additional drop halfway through your day. Please do not add 2+ drops at the beginning of the day hoping it will last longer – it will not and may instead end up on your skin and/or clothes.

Place your piece of jewelry on a tissue; add 1 drop to one bead and allow to settle into the ‘pores’ of the lava stone. Dab dry before putting on – this is especially important for our pendants and bracelets as these come into direct contact with your skin or clothes; whereas earrings do not.

With earrings, we find adding 1 drop to one lava stone and gently transfer the oil between the pair is efficient and saves on your oil.

Our bracelets have been designed to withstand the potency of essential oils; this is why we developed a design using stainless steel memory wire and not elastic. Overtime, essential oils will 'eat' your elastic causing your bracelet to break (elastics also limit sizing).

Our bracelets come in three sizes; each bracelet has an extender chain with clasp closure (all stainless steel as well). Our basic sizes are small, medium, and large.  Because of our unique design, each size can go up one size and down a size. For example, small will fit extra-small to medium. Extra-small will have some extender chain dangle, while the medium will have the extender chain fully extended. We find most people will fit medium (all genders, and most adults). 

If you feel you need an extra-extra-small or extra-large, please email us as we do have memory wire to suit your needs.

Custom designs are also welcome; we have a large range of stones and are happy to work with you:

To ensure the longest life to your diffuser jewelry, please do not wear your jewelry when playing sports, sleeping, swimming or showering.

And finally, your diffuser jewelry is NOT meant to be used with a diluted essential oil blend; the carrier oil will 'gunk up' the lava beads.

Glass pendants

    Will the essential oil blend ‘leak’ out?

We get this question a lot and the answer is no. As there is only one entry point and little circulation of air, your glass pendant creates an atmosphere where once added, essential oils cannot escape.

    Can I change the essential oil blend in my glass pendant?

Technically yes, but we have found it is a bit of a chore to do so and involves a syringe, alcohol and patience to syphon out the essential oils.

We recommend choosing your blend carefully with the intention that it will be permanent.

    How to fill your glass pendant

Each glass pendant includes a dropper; fill the dropper halfway with your chosen blend; use a gentle pumping action to push the blend into the pendant.

Wipe the entry point with a tissue; and dry off the dropper.

Remember the heat of your body will warm the glass and release the aroma held inside. When first putting on your glass pendant, allow it to rest against your skin for some time before ‘sniffing’.

Stainless steel jewelry

    Will the essential oil blend ‘leak’ out?

No, not if used correctly. Start by placing the felt pad on a tissue, add 1 drop and allow to soak in; then place the felt pad into your piece of jewelry (e.g. pendant, bracelet or ring).

    Can I add different blends to the felt pad?

Yes of course, but note that if you add a different blend to a felt pad that already had a blend added to it – you will now have a medley of aromas.

    How many pads are included?

You will receive 3 felt pads with each piece of stainless steel jewelry (or car diffuser); we recommend colour coding your blends to the colour of the felt pad (e.g. a red or orange felt pad for 'Joy'; a purple felt pad for 'Revivifying Lavender' etc).

    Do the felt pads ‘wear out’?

They will become heavy or sticky with essential oils; once this happens we strongly recommend replacing that felt pad with a new one. If the felt pad becomes sticky – it could interfere with the closure mechanism.

    Can I wash a used felt pad?

Some folks have found success with washing in hot water and soap.

Terra cotta pendants

    How do these work?

Terra cotta is a very absorbent material, which makes them ideal for aromatherapy diffusion. Simply lay your pendant (or car diffuser) flat on a tissue, add 1 drop and allow it to soak in – you will be able to see this happen.

    Do I have to add essential oils every time I wear my terra cotta pendant?

Probably not – because essential oils evaporate at different speeds. Please ‘sniff’ your jewelry before adding a fresh drop.  

Also note, because of the different evaporation speeds, your blend will smell different as the day progresses (e.g. citrus essential oils are considered top-notes and will be the first to evaporate whereas the aroma of patchouli or Cedarwood Atlas will last throughout the day). 

We have found that after adding 1 drop a day for a few days – the terra cotta becomes ‘saturated’ with essential oils and will not readily absorb a fresh drop. When this happens to you, give your terra cotta piece a rest – and do not add a fresh drop for a bit.  In this summer, we like to put our terra cotta pieces out in the sun.


If you have any other questions, please email us: