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LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Fundraising Goal Surpassed | Gaye giinawind minjimendan/We Remember Fundraiser

Boozhoo/Hello! In September, I launched my fundraiser ‘Gaye giinawind minjimendan/We Remember’ in support of the Woodland Cultural Centre’s ’Save the Evidence’ campaign. The fundraiser closed at the end of 2021 – raising $15, 200 for the campaign. I want to thank everyone who supported my fundraising efforts by purchasing a diffuser acorn and/or Seven Generations Bracelet and for spreading the word.   A special thanks to my fundraising partners the Guelph Civic Museum, Kinsfolk Shop from Guelph and Go Green Baby from Kingston. And an extra special chi miigwetch to Raven Reads Pow-Wow Pitch box who gave me a jump-start by purchasing 800 diffuser acorns! Highlights  Collaborated with 3 retail partners and 1 sponsor Made & sold 2,379 diffuser acorns Made &...

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