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The 5 ‘W’s of Diffusing

Diffusing essential oils at home is a wonderful and effective method to benefit from the various therapeutic properties of essential oils. For example, you may choose essential oils that are uplifting and revitalizing to diffuse during the day and others that are calming and relaxing in the evening. Diffusing essential oils during the cold and flu season is a great way to prevent the spread of germs and cleanse the air of airborne particles that may be harmful.   But did you know there are safety issues to consider when diffusing? This 4 part article discusses the ins and outs of diffusing using a water-filled ultrasonic aromatherapy diffuser for therapeutic purposes (and not simply to ‘fragrance’ the air).  Here are the highlights: ...

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Guelph Mercury Tribune Reader's Choice Awards

Readers' Choice Awards!!!!   It's that time of year again ... where you get to voice your preferences for local-to-Guelph businesses. I've been nominated in two categories:🌿 Aromatherapy🧡 Jewellery StoreWhile it has been a difficult +18 months, I want to thank each of you for continuing to support my small business.Last year, I came in second place (Platinum) for aromatherapy (but I didn't place in Jewellery). This year, with you help I would love to move into first spot in Aromatherapy - Diamond! And place in Jewellery.Please vote for me today. Here's the link.Chi miigwetch.    

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Essential Oil Bottle Survey

Currently, there is no dedicated program to ‘return’ one’s used essential oil bottles (like the Beer Store for example). I know from conversations with you - that simply tossing a used essential oil bottle into the recycling bin does not feel good; many of us hold on to our used bottles with a hope that we will find a way to reuse them at some point. (by essential oil bottle I am referring to any amber, cobalt or green glass bottle).   I want to change this single-use scenario so that an essential oil bottle is first reused and only recycled as a second option. The goal is to divert glass essential oil bottles from the recycling system with a...

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