Our Earth-Loving Efforts

Eco-friendly, Compostable Packaging

As concerns about climate change and environmental degradation continue to be of great concern worldwide, we wanted to let you know that we have been researching viable eco-friendly and compostable packaging.  

NEW! We are currently testing the EcoEnclose Kraft Paper Water-Activated Tape. A plastic-free alternative to sealing shipping boxes. 


We use noissue compostable mailers! These mailers are compostable, durable and plant-based and are  perfect for mailing out our diffuser jewelry - this also means that shipping costs have been greatly reduced

Here's why:
• The jewelry boxes we use are thin enough, that when packaged, can ship as an 'oversized' envelope, rather than a box or parcel, which is quite expensive relatively speaking.  
• Before finding noissue, we shipped in a bubble mailer; this unfortunately did not meet the 'thickness' requirement to qualify for an 'oversized' envelope.
• The difference in cost is roughly fourfold. And we have passed on these savings to you. 

You'll notice in our banner, we advertise that shipping for 1 - 2 pieces of jewelry is $3 to Canada and $5 to the USA.  Please note that not all jewelry qualifies; glass pendants, 3-in-1 pendants, one-of-a-kind pendants, some stainless steel pendants and all stainless steel car diffusers do not qualify as the boxes they require are too thick. 



We have begun testing eco-friendly & compostable bubble mailers from Friendly Mailers, a Canadian company. This mailer is 100% biodegradable and suits our shipping needs.  While these do cost us more to use, at this point in time, we are absorbing these costs and have not increased shipping fees. When you receive yours, please reach out and let us know your impressions.

And please, give your bubble mailer a second-life and re-use. 


You may have already noticed that we do not package individual bottles in their own boxes; we have opted for the least amount of packaging as possible. Our solution to date, has been to use ziplock bags (which also serves as a back-up in the chance that there is a leak during shipping).

While our current ziplock bags are not compostable, we feel the trade-off with a box that would be otherwise thrown away and not have a second life versus a ziplock bag that would ideally have many additional lives - is worth it.  We continue to search for viable compostable ziplock-style bags. We will let you know when we find one. 

In addition to finding an eco-friendly alternative to our current ziplock bags, we are also looking for an eco-friendly and compostable tape which we use for your larger orders, as we ship in cardboard boxes. 

If you have any Canadian-based shipping suggestions, please email these to: lisa@ljturtle.ca