LJ Turtle Aromatherapy & Accessories

Our aromatherapy blends and diffuser jewelry help you smell great and feel amazing.

Lots of gift ideas for Dad!

Feel better fast.

Is stress well ... stressing you out?
Problems relaxing at the end of the day?
Feel like you just need a little 'pick-me-up' in the middle of the day?
Just say 'no' to stress! And find the LJ Turtle blend that will help you feel better fast.

Have your favourite aroma-blend with you when you need it most.

You love aromatherapy and how it makes your feel, right?
But have you ever found yourself, away from home, wishing you had your favorite aroma-blend with you?
Frustrating, yes? Our aromatherapy diffuser jewelry was specially created
to help you smell great, feel amazing and look fantastic.
Don't leave home without it!

Pop-up Markets

Guelph Farmers' Market
We will not be at the GFM until after May.

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