LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Fundraiser | Orange Shirt | Felted
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Fundraiser | Orange Shirt | Felted
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Fundraiser | Orange Shirt | Felted
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Fundraiser | Orange Shirt | Felted
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Fundraiser | Orange Shirt | Felted

Felted Orange Shirt | Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Fundraiser | 2.5 x 2.75 inches Orange Shirt  | Handfelted | One-of-a-Kind

It has never been easier to experience the therapeutic effects of essential oils. Felt is the 'secret' to your diffuser orange shirt as it will 'hold' your aromatherapy and help you feel amazing throughout your day. Same design front & back. 

Note: Limited quantities

• Aromatherapeutic | Gently diffuse your essential oils
• Convenient | Always have your aromatherapy with you when you need it
• Discrete | A beautiful & functional wellness tool

• Easy to switch your aromas
• Beautiful handcrafted design
• Ribbon allows you to hang wherever you please (e.g. closet, car, bedside lamp etc.)
• Made in Guelph, Ontario 

Comes with: 
• Instruction card

How it works:
• Add 1 drop of your favourite essential oil or aromatherapy blend
• Allow to soak into felt
• Hang 
• 'Sniff' test before adding a new drop

By purchasing a felted Orange Shirt diffusers you will be supporting the Woodland Cultural Centre's 'Cycle of Ceremonies' project with their Language program. (Click to read about last year's fundraiser for the 'Save the Evidence' campaign.) 

On September 30th, we commemorate those children who were forcibly sent to residential schools, many of which never returned.  With this in mind, we are hopeful that the 94 calls to action resulting from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission report from 2015 will come to fruition and begin the healing process for all Indigenous people across Turtle Island.  

Click to read about the Calls to Action related to Education, Culture & Language.

About the Cycle of Ceremonies Project

The Cycle of Ceremonies project is a series of workshops geared towards First Nations who have never had any kind of language or cultural upbringing - little to no exposure to the traditional longhouse community. We want to be able to bridge the gap we see in the community in terms of our ceremonies and culture, provide a safe environment to learn about ceremonies, sacred and sensitive topics, some of the language involved, ask questions and get clarification from knowledgeable community members and faithkeepers.

How the funds will be used

After the cost of supplies and labour has been deducted funds will go to the language project and will be used for resource development and facilitator fees in order to provide the best possible experience for those wanting to re-connect, re-claim and establish their sense of identity as Ogwehoweh people.

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*** Due to the smallness of this item, it ships for $3.