Towards truth and reconciliation: The story behind LJ Turtle’s acorns

LJ Turtle’s unique aromatherapy diffuser is raising funds to support Indigenous causes—and advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals in the process.

Lisa Byers still gets chills remembering that day in May 2021 when the discovery of a mass, unmarked grave at the Kamloops Indian Residential School first made headlines.

Like many Canadians, Lisa was heartbroken for the 215 dead Indigenous schoolchildren and their families—but being of Ojibwe heritage themself, the ache was like nothing they’d ever experienced before. As Lisa sat with their grief and attempted to process it, they felt a strong drive to take meaningful action—something beyond their typical annual cash donations and small-scale fundraising efforts to support Indigenous causes.

It was at this point that the owner of Guelph-based LJ Turtle Aromatherapy and Accessories, an online shop offering aromatherapy-related gifts and jewelry, took a long, hard look at their product offerings—trying to find one item they could sell to raise substantial funds for Indigenous causes. They wanted something that would both speak to people, but also symbolize a sense of hope—inspiring themself, and others, to relentlessly push forward on this journey toward Truth and Reconciliation.

As Lisa scanned their workspace, in between the skincare products and lip savers, they spotted it—a colourful felt acorn.

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