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DreamWeaver | Essential Oil Roll-On Blend

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100% Pure, Natural and Diluted Essential Oil Blend | 5 ml | 10 ml | 30 ml (refill size)

Need support relaxing at the end of the day?  We can help!

DreamWeaver is blended with essential oils known to have relaxing & sedating properties, including lavender, cypress, ylang ylang, lemongrass, Canadian balsam fir, petitgrain, and basil; these are blended in a based of fractionated coconut oil (safe for use on skin after patch-testing).

Apply to wrists and behind your ears before bedtime to help you relax ...

Available in 5 ml & 10 ml roll-ons (note, the colour of the roll-on bottle and/or lid may not match the photo (e.g. cobalt bottle with black cap)).  The 30 ml refill is packaged in a glass bottle with a pipette to make refilling your roll-on easy. 

For your nebulizer, DreamWeaver is also available as an undiluted diffuser blend.


Healing potential of each essential oil:

Cypress: insomnia, general restorative for nervous system. tonic, nervous tension, stress-relate conditions

Basil: anxiety, fatigue, depression, insomnia, migraine, nervous tension

Ylang ylang: antidepressant, anger, frustration, insomnia, nervous tension, calming, balancing, sedative for nervous system 

Lavender: antidepressant, calming, migraine, regulates nervous system, insomnia, irritability, sedative, nervine

Lemongrass: sedative for nervous system, headaches, nervous exhaustion, stress-related conditions

Canadian Balsam Fir: relaxing, soothing and warming

Petitgrain: insomnia, uplifting, antidepressant, calming, nervous exhaustion, stress-related conditions 

Safe for use on skin. Always patch-test before use. Not all essential oils are safe for all age groups.
• Not for internal use
• Avoid contact with eyes
• Avoid contact with mucous membranes
• Keep out of reach of children and pets If pregnant or lactating, consult your health-care provider before use.
• If suffering from any health condition, consult your health-care provider before use.


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