LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Raido Rune | Terra Cotta
LJ Turtle Aromatherapy Raido Rune | Terra Cotta

Raido Rune | Terra Cotta Aromatherapy Pendant

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Terra Cotta Aromatherapy Diffuser Pendant | Adjustable Cord 


The Raido is the rune of journey, pilgrimage, change, destiny, quest, progress, and life lessons.

Aromatherapy jewelry that is Practical, Stylish, and Aromatherapeutic.

Terra Cotta had tiny air pockets that absorb and hold your essential oil blend until it naturally and gradually diffuses.

You only need one drop of essential on a terra cotta diffuser to diffuse all day long.

Other features of Terra Cotta:

• light-weight

• allows essential oil to escape constantly over a long period

• natural and earthy

• thin and flat - easy to carry

• sturdy and durable

• economical

Made in Canada.