ljturtle Tranquil Turtle | Calming & Regulating

Tranquil Turtle | Calming & Regulating

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100% Pure and Natural Essential Oil Blend | Diluted in Fractionated Coconut Oil | Available in 5 ml & 10 ml

Tranquil Turtle was blended to help calm states of hyperarousal & hyperactivity and assist with emotional regulation. 

A proprietary blend of 19 essential oils including: Petitgrain, Clary Sage, Angelica, Cypress, Patchouli, Lavender, Vetiver, Canadian Black Spruce, Ravintsara, Frankincense, German & Roman Chamomile, sandalwood, Ylang ylang Sweet marjoram, and Vanilla.

Safe for use on skin. Always patch-test before use. Not all essential oils are safe for all age groups.

• Not for internal use
• Avoid contact with eyes
• Avoid contact with mucous membranes
• Keep out of reach of children and pets If pregnant or lactating, consult your health-care provider before use.
• If suffering from any health condition, consult your health-care provider before use.