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Diffusing With Care | Part 4

        by Lisa J. Byers, CAHP and CFA Research Committee member Because safety is top-of-mind when diffusing, we asked you to reflect on a number of important questions. In Part 1, we asked ‘Who shares the air space?’ & ‘What oils are you choosing to diffuse?’ In Part 2, we asked ‘When and for how long will you be diffusing?’ & ‘Where will you be diffusing?’ And in Part 3, we discussed how ‘Wise Diffusing Saves You $$$’ – because who doesn’t like saving money? Now in Part 4 we provide some tips and things to look for when purchasing a diffuser for the first time and we provide a list of best practices when cleaning your diffuser....

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Diffusing with Care | Part 3

Wise Diffusing Saves You $$$  Apart from the health implications of non-stop diffusing for you, your family and your pets, following these suggested guidelines will also save you $$$ in two ways: One, you will use less essential oils; and two, you will extend the life of your ultrasonic diffuser.  In a recent conversation, a friend was telling me how quickly they were going through their essential oils.  I asked them how many drops they were using? They answered 10-15 drops.  Yikes!  A 5 ml bottle holds 100-120 drops and a 15 ml holds 300-360 drops.  No wonder they were going through their essential oils so quickly!  My follow-up questions were: how big is the bowl, and whether they were...

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