Waawaate | Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

Waawaate | Essential Oil Diffuser Blend

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100% Pure Essential Oil Blend | Undiluted 

Northern Lights | Aurora Borealis

Waawaate awakens inner peace, wisdom and courage  

100% Pure Essential Oils:

Vetiver, cypress, ylang ylang, marjoram, Canadian white pine and black spruce, sweet orange, black pepper, lemon eucalyptus  

• Immediate relief - either ‘sniff’ directly from the bottle or add 1-2 drops to your diffuser and/or wellness jewelry

Long-term and with regular use: 
• Eases stress and low mood
• Boosts energy
• Improves focus
• Strengthens your immune system

• 100% pure, undiluted essential oil blend
• Proprietary blend research & developed by a clinical aromatherapist 
• High quality essential oils

Comes with: 
• Instruction card
• Ingredient list
• Suggested uses